First Blog Post – Year 2007

I always tell everyone including myself that I started blogging only in the year 2011 but that’s not true. I made my first website (published) in year 2006 and made my first blog in the year 2007.

7 years ago, perhaps like right now, I was posting my first blog on |[It’s amazing that I own this header name on blogspot]  – I had no idea till sometime in October end that this blog still existed.

My First Post:

It has indeed been an awe-inspiring journey; 7 years is a long time and these years have a taught me a lot about myself (of course the world too). I think my writing has come a long way too, I’m participating at this year’s #NaNoWriMo, there was a time I was scared of English as a language (still am haha!!) but thinking about the person I was in 2007, there’s something I need to continue; the passion and determination to do anything and everything possible.

So, to make my #NaNoWriMo more difficult, I’m to write at least 65K-80K words worth of write-ups in this month. This could include my novel writeup for the Singapore NaNoWriMo, my blogs – this blog, editing work for – anything and everything that would make this happen for me. It’s about the quantity and not quality. Ummm, Let’s give our best at both, shall we?

Btw. If you haven’t heard about AIESEC: | if you haven’t heard about NaNoWriMo:

And If you’re not following my blogs yet – Join in: |


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