The J J Friday – Magic

Janelle, they don’t believe in magic, but I do.

There’s a reason we humans stubbornly duel for a label,
a label that illustrates us
as an adjective.

Black, Hindu, Chinese, Banker;
adjectives designated by humans who craved to substantiate their supremacy
well subjective.

Our conundrum thus lies at this world’s cause
they won’t recite our story till it’s worth reciting,
our story won’t be worth reciting if they keep it to a tattle

Only if they recognized that our terse exchange
of ‘dreams’
was aloft any label,
the kind that makes every transitory second execute like an eternal sobriety battle.

I attest it as a dream and not as a conversation or a memory, moment;
conversations are to be valued
moments to be lived
memories to be cherished,treasured
but dreams,
dreams are meant to be enticing, they are everything.
They are to be chased.

I don’t aspire to make this a quest ,
I just hope to perceive you
A migrant only hopes to reach his next asylum, not build his house or decorate his home.
That would be a dream.

I know the ‘us’ doesn’t sheen bright
not trendy
and doesn’t sound right.
But that’s the magic,
a magic with words which I intentionally, should write.

So hey, let there be drama and let them call this lame.
For once,
I have had the balls without alcohol in my brain.

Hours, Days, Months or Years from now,
Sun will be slightly less bright
World borders a scantly less wide
Or it could be a surrogate Boat Quay night
kismet would be compelled to find you,
Because they don’t believe in magic, but I do.

Hi, My name is Julian Dalbert and Guess what, I’m back!


First Post of 2015 – Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

So let me blame it on work and my travel schedule; I haven’t had time to blog since 2015 dawned on us.

Whether it be the smash of a raw bourbon or the glitter of your white
Whether it be the 50 shades of grey or that of Singapore

To the best of Pep & Rash, To the best of  Leo Tolstoy
I stand corrected on my art of literature, it’s incomplete without him for sure.

His Aura is not personified by it’s quality but by his quantity
Some would argue and some would debate

There are 3,30,235 types of alcohol in the world,
But then, sometimes all you need is one.

“I had a dream…” — It’s not Martin but Rolling, No Wait.

I had a stupid cream at 9am in the morning, I walked into a airplane, Business Case. They made me shit in this cool Sofia area and guess who I found ready pass all out on the couch.

I guess I need to rephrase that…My grade six grammar teacher would assassinate me for that statement above. Ex- Girlfriend, who apparently is brilliantly talented, would do the same. I guess I really need to rephrase that.

I had a stupid dream at 9am in the morning, I walked into an airplane, business class. They made me sit in this cool sofa area and guess who I find already passed out on the couch?

Someone just distracted me in the office with regards to a stupid query but any ways, this dream ya,

I think it was an Atlantis Airlines airplane with a golden color boarding pass. Little blonde girls (blonde by hair not by Eve-ness) were welcoming us and offering us welcome drinks. I had my own bottle of Jacki, the daniels. Soon, the blondes realized I wasn’t sober, hell ya, I wasn’t. They led me into this amazing chamber decorated with red-golden lanterns, serene lights, exquisite furniture (probably from IKEA); there was nothing secretive about the chamber. I guess they were just being nice by offering me a nice couch to crash.  I felt like puking twice but the chamber was just too beautiful to be puked all over. Hence I resolved to just lying down and asking for some ice water. Ya, I know, I have this bad Asian habit of asking for Ice water, living in New York for 5 years does not change who I really am. Does it?

Where was I flying to again?

Ice water was good but the fact that two cute blonde girls were working really hard to serve me a glass of ice water made it brilliant. As the flight took off, I was felt better. I guess it was New York, the reason behind my ‘highness’; well, it always has been.

With time I guess I did sit up, flirt a little with the girls, compliment their hair in particular and well entertain myself in the washroom. Stop. I just went to pee. As I was walking out, I saw this old blonde lady passed out on the other couch. I got curious, is she just sleeping or are we sailing in the same boat, that’s a funny, we’re anyways flying in the same plane. hehe.

Why was I pulling such Pjs again?

So, I got hold of the girls *literally* and sensually asked them, Who the lady was? She said, “Roooling”. I told her, I know she was rolling on the couch but who was she?
She again said, “Rooling”.

She didn’t say what I think she said.

“Do you mean Rowling? like Harry Porter type Rowling?” She said, “This is the Harry Porter Rowling”


“You serious blonde?”

She walked away. Of course she did, I was still Rowling.

Dreams are not innovative anymore.

Really? Rowling no wait, Mrs. Rowling was drunk? Passed out? Interesting. I guess I’m not the only one that writes under the influence of alcohol.

So close to 50 years after Mr. Martin Luther King said, “I had a dream”. I too had a dream. It’s wasn’t Martin but Rolling, No wait, Rowling.

My name is Julian Dalbert, well, I had a stupid dream at 9am in the morning, I walked into an airplane, business class. They made me sit in this cool sofa area and guess who I find already passed out on the couch?  J.K Rowling.




End of fucking whatever; Rosa & Julian.

I gazed straight into his eyes as he spoke,

“They say, ‘everything ends‘.

Never Ending Sea

Most likely that’s true; but I have always believed the sea to be a never ending phenomenon and that has always given me hope to last things a little longer. Whether it be the curry smelling beach of Juhu or the phony enticing beach of California, they render this similar feeling of supreme belief that things can last forever.

They also say, ‘Love lasts forever‘.

if you believe in the same, I wish you fortitude in life, you need it. Fortitude, the ‘Courage’ in pain or adversity; that’s what’s coming soon.

Some say, ‘Friendships last forever‘.

Now that’s a crucial area of crystal contemplation. Sometimes I wonder why I made a friend a friend? you know, why do I relate to him? When did I even define…’Oh that guy, he’s going to be my best pal’. How does it really work?

*That last shot of Baileys was strong, agrh, should have added more rocks*

Either ways, yes, how does it work? Hmm…I think, and I’m just thinking. Friendship is one of those ‘alpha human’ skills of survival. Certain animals move in groups because it keeps them safer, it’s easier to ‘hunt’, it’s easier to live. Similarly, humans move in groups because it’s easier to do things when we’re together. No, there’s nothing wrong in that. It’s just that, even something as pure as friendship needs a common area of ‘benefit’ or a common area of ‘interest’ and the whole point of selfless sacrifice is sorta lost between the pages of Ruskin Bond books.

So Rosa, what is friendship to you? what is an end to you?

I was still looking straight into his eyes but this time with a feeling of condolence

“Now why do people drink so much? Son of fucking Julian! I don’t give a fuck about your ‘end of fucking whatever’ shut the fuck up or this will be your END”

I exclaimed, as I hid my shiny silver blade back where it belonged.

Julian D. & The Cambodian Connection | Khambo#0.3

Julian D. once wrote: Being able to do what your heart commands is the ultimate world domination.

Julian D.

Julian D.

I’m not sure what side of Julian will get discovered during this trip.

No, Julian is not a parallel me neither he is any sort of dark passenger but he indeed is someone I can feel, relate to. As for me, in the coming days (weekend) I will try to explore the historic country of Cambodia and try to convert every birds eye view of my experience into literature.

But as I instigate the literature drug in me, I would like you to join me ina similar journey.

It will be you, me and Julian D.

Download the free ebook (manifesto) on Amazon – The Creed of Julian Dalbert.
Read more about the book: Blog. (know why it’s free)

With regards to my Cambodian Journey; I remember Dexter (TV Series) quoted this once:

It’s simple human nature to keep little secrets about ourselves. I dye my hair. I watch internet pornography. But what if your whole life is a secret? A lie. And exposing the truth could destroy everything you are.


Words; the symmetry of arbitrary alphabets.

Julian Dalbert once wrote:

“I think there is something about placement of words. I can understand words that are arbitrarily placed but not the ones that are systematically placed. Well, Arbitrary and Systematic are a matter of perspective which itself could be arbitrary in essence. May be this is what alcohol does to me; makes arbitrary systematic and systematic arbitrary. Sometimes I wonder what I write to you is arbitrary or systematic? But then if I knew the answer I won’t be writing again would I?
Isn’t it amazing…how a set of arbitrary alphabets can form a systematic word and how a set of arbitrary words form a systematic sentence? And beyond that how a set of systematic sentences can mean something completely arbitrary?”


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