The J J Friday – Magic

Janelle, they don’t believe in magic, but I do.

There’s a reason we humans stubbornly duel for a label,
a label that illustrates us
as an adjective.

Black, Hindu, Chinese, Banker;
adjectives designated by humans who craved to substantiate their supremacy
well subjective.

Our conundrum thus lies at this world’s cause
they won’t recite our story till it’s worth reciting,
our story won’t be worth reciting if they keep it to a tattle

Only if they recognized that our terse exchange
of ‘dreams’
was aloft any label,
the kind that makes every transitory second execute like an eternal sobriety battle.

I attest it as a dream and not as a conversation or a memory, moment;
conversations are to be valued
moments to be lived
memories to be cherished,treasured
but dreams,
dreams are meant to be enticing, they are everything.
They are to be chased.

I don’t aspire to make this a quest ,
I just hope to perceive you
A migrant only hopes to reach his next asylum, not build his house or decorate his home.
That would be a dream.

I know the ‘us’ doesn’t sheen bright
not trendy
and doesn’t sound right.
But that’s the magic,
a magic with words which I intentionally, should write.

So hey, let there be drama and let them call this lame.
For once,
I have had the balls without alcohol in my brain.

Hours, Days, Months or Years from now,
Sun will be slightly less bright
World borders a scantly less wide
Or it could be a surrogate Boat Quay night
kismet would be compelled to find you,
Because they don’t believe in magic, but I do.

Hi, My name is Julian Dalbert and Guess what, I’m back!


Hey, Hello or Hi!

…I deferred my literature in a hope to find you.
Like a Monday morning tide
It has been almost 3 days since our last collide.

Hoping for a four day rule instead of three
Like Ted in that episode of HIMYM
For him it was the yellow, here it was The White.

I shouldn’t have looked away,
With the rhyme of Chivas, now it’s a heavy plight
All that’s left is a picture of you
and a few adjectives, with which I now describe:

Tranquil: That would be your smile
Caring: Would be the motherly shadow of your hair
Spring: The sound of your voice
Alluring: That glare in your eye

Believe me! It was easier when I was younger,
From the notions that today define me and my countrymen
If we were in 2009 or 2010,
I would have asked you about your favorite book or author
and then quoted it in this very literature to begin.

Wonder what stopped me from asking what I should have
Wonder what made you say what you did at that first place
Wonder or Wonder not!
If you still have that paper, give it glimpse
May be you decide to cut this chase.

Not that I have to hear from you, no magic, Do what’s right.
Forget the Stars.
but there’s a story in my head and a literature I want to write

Hey, Hello or Hi!
If you are to call; or if you get to read this at all.
Help me complete the description of an angel, an angel in white.

An Evening Grass Dew

As I slogged my way out from our rusty elevator of the west lobby
The aroma of ‘an evening grass dew’ enchanted my senses
It threw me into a flashback of Assam
Where my evenings were spent playing Cricket or at the bench with geeky girls on lenses

The dusk were almost antiquated in winters
Not that it stopped us from desperately frisking for a cricket ball lost in the mighty woods
The sunny days were spent dreaming at school
While the moon light nights walking around in hoods

I was part of a dancing troop formed at the local community club
Swaying to the tunes of Bollywood in an open ground, even in rain
I also did try to transcend myself to a literature communion
No matter how hard I tried, the teacher pronounced me useless, “all in vain”

Now that I’m lost in the corporate forest of a connected world
I recall I always planted my way in the woods
Whether it be biking around, acting as if engaged in extreme sports
Or trekking the hill behind the C-11 apartment where the zebra patched dog always stood

I’m not in touch with any of my friends or the geeky girls I flirted with
but I remember, I had a precious few
with Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Twitter to connect
I really miss that aroma of an evening grass dew

There is an unknown reason why I’m still here not raising my voice,
nor am I standing up for the fight
perhaps, because I think I’m savvy, I get the gist of life
But I never understood why these thoughts only hit you at 11pm on a random weekday night.

Dhoom Machale 2015 – Transcendence

This is not a random bollywood-inspired thought nor this is a stupid attempt to promote Abhishek Bachchan. Think of a framework that fosters non-stop motivation for the year ahead; beyond resolutions, beyond themes but a BHAG that breaks any critical or tipping points of any socio-economic expectations.

The innocent thought of doing the impossible; the idea of an idiotic heart taking the front seat while steering your choices to the extreme level of awesomeness – Dhoom.

As I prepare myself to endure the unpredictability and Everest like challenges of 2015, I am committing myself to a new Ninja way; endurance and fortitude were always there, and they will still be the very essence of my existence but this 2015 will require a transcendental action or a set of actions – Machale 

What are these actions?

I have my 30 before 30 ready – Essentially 30 things I want to do before I’m 30 | 2015 will be an amazing launchpad to the 2nd quarter of this quaint life.

But I wish that it won’t be just a checklist, I really hope it’s the everyday Dhoom that will make a difference.It’s an attempt to attain transcendence.

It’s 9:01PM in Singapore and 9:31PM in South Korea, that means you (and I) have less than 3 hours to plan your (our) Dhoom year. So what will it be? 

For now, take that shot of your favorite poison, raise your hands up in the year, hold the girl/boy on your right and forget everything else that matters to you in this world only to remember, It’s time for you to inspire yourself.

Steal every moment from now to 00:01 – 01.01.2015. 

Aaj tu sab kuchh bula ke jhoom
Dhoom Macha le…

PS: Now that I think of it, this is a bollywood inspired blog post. Bollywood is awesome!

Tinder Tsunami

I have been peeping around into women business a lot lately; this includes trying to understand what goes inside a crooked women’s head. Now let me explain the above two statements further before it’s too late.

I have been reading a lot lately about what wild women do in Singapore; books, newspaper articles, blogs and of course watching the mind blowing documentaries.

MUST READ: Wild women do


This is part of my research to further polish the character identity of Rosa Fanai; this is also related to my NaNoWriMo Writeup for this year.

If you ask me what’s next in the world of crime in Singapore, encapsulating women, it’s Tinder.

Over the past 3 months, the Tinder membership of Singapore has grown exponentially, this is partially because of the awareness of the app and partially because of it’s “reachability”. One can already spot hookers, “hot massage services”, private dancers and underage girls while we swipes around.

One can even find them posting their numbers; I cannot have screenshot here but I will give you an example of how they post their numbers: nine3 four7 five1 Six7.
(I saw this yesterday, serving hot massage)

Now one would argue, this is precisely what Tinder is for OR in Singapore women have the right to do what they want; and I agree but with the sheer increase in number of such women, a potential risk looms over the young kids of Singapore. When women teachers here can sleep with their students, finishing a young gun on Tinder is like cutting through a cheese cake.

Women have trapped men over random ads in Singapore, Tinder still gets personal.

Now think around the married men dimension, there are so many stories of married men cheating on their wives and vice-versa (Geylang is meant for that). In this concrete world of Singapore, both the man and woman move on to better experiences, the stakeholders that suffer the most are the kids.

I appreciate Tinder but I hope there was a way to keep innocent kids
and  family men away from it.

So if you’re a man or a boy using Tinder, brace yourself for the Tinder Tsunami; here it comes!

NaNoWriMo with Rosa Fanai

It’s time to pump up the Adrenalin flow towards the brain and our fingers. It’s that time of the year when the quantity rules over the quality, just like this post, all I wanted to share was, “Hey!! NaNoWriMo is here” which I could have done in a tweet but I’m going to go around and perhaps around it so we have a good quantity right here.

So what is NaNoWriMo? [] – NaNoWriMo is an annual (November) novel writing project that brings together professional and amateur writers from all over the world.

I tried a shot of NaNoWriMo back in 2012 but didn’t really relish the magic but this year, I’m all set to finish the race and drink up that bottle of magic.

So What am I going to scribble this year?

Rosa Fanai is not a new character in my write-ups, she is close to my thoughts and will always remain my first self-created fictional crush, that sounds awe-inspiring, doesn’t it? The change is, Rosa Fanai has now come Singapore and has been titled with the Taj of Merlion Lady.

Let’s see what colors does Rosa spray on the streets and walls of Singapore. (To be honest, I have no story plot till now, it’s a NaNoWriMo darlin)

Rosa Fanai on my blog: