Tu Mera Hero – Langkawi – Unbound#13

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Ever wondered what makes a night a night and a day a day? Apart from the Sun’s light of course.

I think there is something Surreal about the difference between nights and days, I think they represent aspects of life, something like Ying-Yang lah.

Both are meant to bring varied beauty in life. It really depends on how you look at it. Probably sometimes we expect it all wrong and that is when we feel disconnected.

And then you have sunsets and sunrises where these aspects merge together to bring a blissful feeling which we love to capture on our camera rolls.

While I’m at it, let me personify ‘night’ to be a girl or a woman in mid 20’s…

This is all would sing to her, all night 😉

Subah hone na da, saath khone na de, ek dusere ko hum sone na de.
Tu Mera Hero
(Hero here implies the ideal match not the male Bollywood actor :p)


Ipoh – Truly Asian – Malaysia – Unbound#12


It’s indeed fascinating how India has traces of it’s culture and essence in these South East Asian Countries.

Right from Myanmar to Malaysia. It can always be spotted. Like today, I ended up getting off randomly near Little India. I walk 5mins in the old town of Ipoh and I find this:


Most of it was the same old little India stuff but then I found this Punjabi place selling desi ghee made Jalebi. Of course, I had to try 😉


After a while I ended up grabbing coffee at a south India cafe with some local Indians and Nepalis. (which was fun)

I noticed another interesting thing. Little India and china town are always uber close to each other. I really wonder why? 😉

after tripping Langkawi, Ipoh a small town up north of KL became our next destination.

Island Hopping – Langkawi – Unbound#11

I’m sure every soul that trips Langkawi does this. Hence it was a must. Even though I did it for the second time.

This is the trail that we followed, sort of.

Started by visiting the Island of Pregnant lady which has a fresh water lake right at the center, that is where I learnt swimming in 2009. Yes, I learnt swimming by jumping right into the pond and saving myself.

Beware of the monkeys at this place. They can mob you, rob you, scratch you and even scar scare you forever. Just don’t carry bling bling bags and KEEP WALKING.

Next up was the Eagle feeding Geopark area, it’s quite inspiring to see how eagles feed themselves. The way they soar high and then pounce on their preys. Incredible.

Up next, the Coral beach. Why coral? You will realise, when you start swimming there. Didn’t really swim here this time, way too polluted.

But the best part I guess was making new friends. Met two amazing French girls, might see them again in KL.

Overall, being dragged in the middle of the sea with China made life jackets and kerosene run jettys is fun.

Must do!

Our tour was hosted by Tshoppe Group. 35 MYR including paddle boat pregnant lady lake.

The Langkawi Roadtrip – Motor Biking – Unbound#10

Yes! You read it right. Yet another Roadtrip but this one, this one was special. I drove 96kms across the island.

Yes! The complete island.

We started by taking a random decision to rent a bike so we could visit the Cable Car in Langkawi. Soon I realised with time in our side and no clouds on our head, we could do an entire Roadtrip on wheels.


First we collected a map from the nearest petrol pump( which was damn far away) and listed places we wanted to see.


Our list of destinations:
0. Tstarcottage
1. D Grill seafood cafe
2. Airport
3. Oriental Village (cable car)
4. Black sand beach
5. Tanjung Rhu resort and beach
6. Durian Waterfalls
7. Kuah town
8. Ferry terminal
9. Westin Resorts
10. Some Thai sea food place
11. Tstarcottage (our hotel)

The Map sorts looks like this…


As I posted earlier,

96 Kms of driving, 9 destinations, 7 hours, 2 people, 1 island. http://t.co/yRhiQLgzNb

More pictures coming soon…..yet another legendary experience!

Holiday 😉

Date of the trip: 6th August 2013.

Count the stars – 5:00am Prodigy – Unbound#9

Count the stars not because they’re countless
Count the stars not because they’re boundless
Count the stars not because no on else can
Count the stars not because you’re a great mathematician
Count the stars not because you could find a new home to live
Count the stars not because you’re trying to impress a girl
Do count the stars because sometimes in life, uncertainty and never ending determination is all you got.

The Mindvalley Inc – A dream company – Unbound#8

Heard about this amazing company called “Mindvalley” if not? Then you need top up your corporate GK.

In Silvia’s words, “Mindvalley is a company that aims to push humanity forward”. For me, Mindvalley is a company where one can perform to the best of his/her levels. The company culture is mind blowing.

Now, let me tell you, I’m not hired to blog about them, I’m doing so because I was at their KL office on the 4th of August at night 10:30 pm drinking wine and playing with guns and…it was legendary.


Just walking across the Mindvalley office inspired me to believe in my experience and potential; and to risk it forward in a direction towards being an entrepreneur.

Long story short. Dude, that office is awesome!

The Indian food prodigy – WTF – Unbound#7


Now it would obnoxiously stupid to not taste the classic North Indian food in KL. I ate at Dagar, Palace of the Golden Horses in 2009 hence I wanted to repeat the same stunt but my friend Tushar suggested a better place and indeed it is.

What Tasty Food (Somewhere in Bangsar) – This place is legendary when it comes to Panner.
Owned by a funny guy from Jaipur, this place by far beats Usman from Singapore.


A must go on your list if you’re into Indian food (non-spicy)