Though it may seem that I’m lost, crushed or buried alive;

In the silence of the unknown a heart can still persist to strive
No matter how unsung or unheard; for when we were born, we all cried.

For the flowers that cognise glory and the ones sigh remorse,
Shall Foster under the same rain, under the same sunlight.
True Mirage, our world; for what we see is all reflected
In my heart and in a winner’s, alike.

Under the bridge of patience which alters not for greed
Over the river capable of encouraging ‘life and death’ by right
For the fortitude of a fish that challenges the river stream,
I shall not drown; for I too chose to thrive

Though it may seem that I’m lost, crushed or buried alive;
I have ‘his’ will of fire and an infinite perseverance to fight.


Lay your armor down; fall in Love.

The clouds smile as the silver lining glows and with the sway of the wind one can know; it’s time, the lights will flash and fade away. It’s time to approbate and embrace; the elegance of flowers and cardinal power of rain. The songs of a mermaid and chroma of the rising sun; the caramel in a chocolate and the fragrance of thy magical essence. It’s time, to get up from the sleep to sleepwell and time to bid your old self a farewell. Breathe in for love.  Breathe in for magic. To let go for thy self you hold on to someone you need. The scent of her hair; and that aura of thy care. We need it. We heed it. It’s time to vindicate your self.

It’s to time to lay your armor down. Fall in love.

(inspired by Don’t Wait – Dashboard Confessional)

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Bintan; Eve’s Reality and a Parallel Universe.

Once upon a time there was an Adam and then there was this ‘Eve’;
At times they acted random; otherwise they would always believe.
That there existed a Mandy and her Paddy in a parallel Universe
and lived an English Monarch with his taste diverse
“Luke, the first”, acclaimed the football player
The German, first misconceived as a Gay and now a slayer
Sebastian they called him.
I won’t make fun of him. It’s not fair.
Eve’s parallel universe would be incomplete without Cynthia
I couldn’t find a rhyme for this one so I’m writing ‘Reindeer’
She almost forgot about Mr. Lobo
The one she would ditch Adam for; her favorite hobo.
Soon, the reality and her parallel universe are going to merge
Paths of some individuals might converge or diverge
Irrespective. Tonight we party full on
In this shady yet nostalgic place called Bintan.

Next is what?

Samsung-Next is what!

Oh! this chilly aircon; with a chill of Heineken beer froth,
then why does it feel so gushing, why does it feel so hot?
Is it time already to architect, is it the time to plot?
no more the feeling of being lost; no more being all rot
no more it is about our past; the battles that we fought
it’s time to do that binary search; work on that bubble sort
because someone once made me ask myself,”Next is fucking what?”

The Flying white; Bang and a AngMo. [NaPoWriMo-4]

They were flying  The White Gang
Gliding like shurikens in the air
One could ignore the size not the sheer number of it’s pair
The flying white
White from a duck, the human face submitted to it’s grace
string like elements; the end of human race.
What was this?
This is how it started; this is how it was going to end
Be careful with that glass you don’t really wanna offend
Why the bang?
Bang was the sound when the weapon hit thy mighty head
It was worse than we expected; worse than what we read.
So white?
Encapsulated with white ammo, we wondered what was right.
I could hear the AngMo guy shout,”welcome to International Pillow Fight”.
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Why do we need love? [NaPoWriMo-3]

         The idea of courage; a Ballard of thy heart ache

Musing of our surrounding, sound of a sin age
Why do we need love? 
Why do we need a heart break?
The magic of a message; a song of  lovely spring 
Organs of the church, shine of thy platinum ring 
Whey do we need love? 
Why do we need to cage a broken wing? 
The reality of fate; lyric of a distant hymn 
Waste of our time, years of life that we trim
Why do we need love? 
Why do we need  to commit this sin? 
When we can earn friendship beyond love;  true and deep
Eat all we can and fall asleep,
Why do we need love? 
Why do we need to weep?