Audacity – NaNoWriMo Day 3

Rosa was stunned by his audacity, “how dare he? Was it even moral?“, she pondered, “apprehensive about who I’m, how could he still call me a Goddess of his dreams”. She felt a sudden adrenalin rush through her body, seconds later, she was in his arms, given in to his audacity, entwining her lips with the moist ones, the duo was adrift in a demonic obsession and lusting visible desire. It was then that Rosa attained, it was more than just adrenalin at work.

Lust, of a new kind that startled Rosa with her involuntary responses, she could feel her drip and within seconds so could he.

After intense diffusion; her Abigail was into pieces, owing to Rosa’s desperate measure to unhook the same and the sound of silver falling produced a slight vibration among the two, it was Rosa’s silver, tugged inside her Abigail.

The true purpose of an Abigail was revealed, not to keep hold of her jewels of Godly art but her Silver.

“I don’t care if you kill me later”, he whispered as his hands ran across her leafless impeccable back.

“Neat, me too”

[NaNoWriMo entry: ]

[More of Rosa Fanai: ]



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