Tinder Tsunami

I have been peeping around into women business a lot lately; this includes trying to understand what goes inside a crooked women’s head. Now let me explain the above two statements further before it’s too late.

I have been reading a lot lately about what wild women do in Singapore; books, newspaper articles, blogs and of course watching the mind blowing documentaries.

MUST READ: Wild women do


This is part of my research to further polish the character identity of Rosa Fanai; this is also related to my NaNoWriMo Writeup for this year.

If you ask me what’s next in the world of crime in Singapore, encapsulating women, it’s Tinder.

Over the past 3 months, the Tinder membership of Singapore has grown exponentially, this is partially because of the awareness of the app and partially because of it’s “reachability”. One can already spot hookers, “hot massage services”, private dancers and underage girls while we swipes around.

One can even find them posting their numbers; I cannot have screenshot here but I will give you an example of how they post their numbers: nine3 four7 five1 Six7.
(I saw this yesterday, serving hot massage)

Now one would argue, this is precisely what Tinder is for OR in Singapore women have the right to do what they want; and I agree but with the sheer increase in number of such women, a potential risk looms over the young kids of Singapore. When women teachers here can sleep with their students, finishing a young gun on Tinder is like cutting through a cheese cake.

Women have trapped men over random ads in Singapore, Tinder still gets personal.

Now think around the married men dimension, there are so many stories of married men cheating on their wives and vice-versa (Geylang is meant for that). In this concrete world of Singapore, both the man and woman move on to better experiences, the stakeholders that suffer the most are the kids.

I appreciate Tinder but I hope there was a way to keep innocent kids
and  family men away from it.

So if you’re a man or a boy using Tinder, brace yourself for the Tinder Tsunami; here it comes!


Audacity – NaNoWriMo Day 3

Rosa was stunned by his audacity, “how dare he? Was it even moral?“, she pondered, “apprehensive about who I’m, how could he still call me a Goddess of his dreams”. She felt a sudden adrenalin rush through her body, seconds later, she was in his arms, given in to his audacity, entwining her lips with the moist ones, the duo was adrift in a demonic obsession and lusting visible desire. It was then that Rosa attained, it was more than just adrenalin at work.

Lust, of a new kind that startled Rosa with her involuntary responses, she could feel her drip and within seconds so could he.

After intense diffusion; her Abigail was into pieces, owing to Rosa’s desperate measure to unhook the same and the sound of silver falling produced a slight vibration among the two, it was Rosa’s silver, tugged inside her Abigail.

The true purpose of an Abigail was revealed, not to keep hold of her jewels of Godly art but her Silver.

“I don’t care if you kill me later”, he whispered as his hands ran across her leafless impeccable back.

“Neat, me too”

[NaNoWriMo entry: http://nanowrimo.org/participants/gauravjulka1/novels/rosa-fanai-her-merlion-red-lust ]

[More of Rosa Fanai: https://fortitudeandchoices.wordpress.com/category/rosa-fanai/ ]


NaNoWriMo with Rosa Fanai

It’s time to pump up the Adrenalin flow towards the brain and our fingers. It’s that time of the year when the quantity rules over the quality, just like this post, all I wanted to share was, “Hey!! NaNoWriMo is here” which I could have done in a tweet but I’m going to go around and perhaps around it so we have a good quantity right here.

So what is NaNoWriMo? [nanowrimo.org] – NaNoWriMo is an annual (November) novel writing project that brings together professional and amateur writers from all over the world.

I tried a shot of NaNoWriMo back in 2012 but didn’t really relish the magic but this year, I’m all set to finish the race and drink up that bottle of magic.

So What am I going to scribble this year?


Rosa Fanai is not a new character in my write-ups, she is close to my thoughts and will always remain my first self-created fictional crush, that sounds awe-inspiring, doesn’t it? The change is, Rosa Fanai has now come Singapore and has been titled with the Taj of Merlion Lady.

Let’s see what colors does Rosa spray on the streets and walls of Singapore. (To be honest, I have no story plot till now, it’s a NaNoWriMo darlin)

Rosa Fanai on my blog: https://fortitudeandchoices.wordpress.com/category/rosa-fanai/

Rosa’s Armani Man – The Dark Red

The motor bike horns buzzed at her like horny clarinets, the street lights made her feel obnoxious, the puddle on the street reminded her of her stint last Friday in Kolkata; “Only if it were puddles of the dark red”, she whispered to herself.

With that fish like salt breeze corroding her face, she knew she was at Carters.

Following her ritual she first knocked at the doors of the local Cafe Coffee Day to procure her special “RosaPresso”. Owing to her regularity at the cafe, the cafe owner had named Rosa’s special espresso order as Rosapresso. It was large shot of espresso with tinge of Vanilla syrup and a touch of brown sugar. Rosa had discovered this genius drink while she was working at a small cafe in Lucknow.

“Only if it was the Dark Red”, she thought to herself as she received the ceramic containing Rosapresso from Anil. He starred at her eyes, it was the blood lust, indeed it ought to be; it was a Saturday night and it had been over a week since she made her last move. Anil left Rosa by herself while she sipped on it.

Like a lady she consumed it, seconds later, she knew she was ready for the night. She walked out of the cafe, took a rickshaw straight to Pali Hill. The rickshaw dropped her at the Boat Club, she walked towards the bouncer as if she was drunk, “Any guys with cute buts up there?”, she inquired. The typical Mumbaikar bouncer with a typical Indian moustache was surprised at him being quizzed like that. “Madam ji, Welcome”, he greeted her in confusion as he pulled the heavy glass door towards him.

Rosa did a double check on her dagger that was hugging the inside of her golden left thigh.

As she walked up the stairs, across the stage and towards the bar, she saw almost every man in the club giving her that greedy stare; and they all knew she was enjoying it. While she consumed her screw driver, She would occasionally smile back, wink and play with her lips as the men would raise their glasses at her. She was fishing.

After rejecting many men based on their greediness factor, she finally found a chubby fish with Armani on him. His eyes dripped with desire of her beauty, he ranked on the top of the most horniest men in the club. Right then, Rosa knew this was her man. Her fat Tuna.

“I like men with Armani on them”, Rosa expressed, as her hand ran through his Armani arms.
“If I knew you would fall for Armani, I would have got this cotton a long time ago”, he said.
“What do you mean?” She said astonishingly.
“Rosa, you remember me don’t you?”, he quizzed.
Rosa was lost, she knew the face seemed familiar but she had met so many men since she left the research facility, it was almost impossible to recall. She nodded with a confused expression.
“I’m Paddy, that creepy guy you always ignored back in our Uni days…Delhi? Rosa it’s me, we even presented a white paper together…hello?”

With a breeze from the closest open window Rosa realised, his eyes were not dripped with desire but with curiosity and excitement. Rosa wondered if she could fish a fish from her own pond, with a genuine smile she said, “of course I remember you Paddy, I just didn’t imagine I would see you like this, here in Mumbai!!”

“Ha ha, I’m here for a friend’s wedding, I go back to Kerala tomorrow so I thought I should experience the Pali hill party scene once…”, he exclaimed, excited to know the life jazz of Rosa, “so, what’s up with you?”

Rosa was not surprised by his innocence, he was after all a typical Mallu, “I’m a small screen actress and model living in Kolkata, traveling here for work and most recently I got seduced by an Armani”, she smiled. Of course, Rosa had lied.

Minutes later, Paddy and Rosa were talking university days, not even once did Paddy question her on her change of career or her sudden run away from Delhi. They behaved as if they were at one of those freshers party of humanities section back in Uni. Paddy won’t drink but Rosa was on her 6th tequila shot, now that she won’t be fishing anymore, she decided to make the most of the night.

Rosa’s alcohol intake resulted in a desirable lip lock between the two and which of course led to Rosa escorting herself to the Marriot with Paddy. “It’s okay to be the fish sometimes”‘ she whispered to herself, “…Dark Red Armani?”.


Coming soon…Rosa Fanai, The Blue Shades and The Dark Red Armani

They still exist; Men.

She woke him up; urged to kill.

Asphyxiation or silver knife through his heart“, she wondered on the possible ways of killing him. Decision was directly proportional to the kind of sexual assault she would face.

First, she would seduce the flushed young runt passed out on the table across, then she would take him to her room and comply her ritual, then the best juncture, the hunt; she got it all planned.

Ritual was not new to her neither was getting raped. She was only doing good to the world, at least this was what she deemed. Nevertheless, there she was in the sexiest of her dresses and the brightest of her shine.

She nudges the young boy from his alcohol induced dreams, introducing herself as a social worker, she got him to converse. Rosa was a sparkle in his eye, confused whether the dream was the reality or the reality a dream, the boy agreed to walk along with her.

They reached a crossroad where she would either let him walk home or drag him along to the hotel. She proposes the death induced options to the young gun, confused as he already was, agrees to whatever sounds more dreamier in understanding. The prey falls into the trap, the hunt is on.

They walk shoulders till they reach the hunting ground, drunk as hell, the boy agrees to every move of Rosa. Being Rosa, she makes it all happen. The art of Muktab, Rosa was always good at defining it for others. They walk hand in hand towards the room, she can feel the commotion, the feeling of achievement that one gets before a grand triumph. The young gun receives a push on his chest as soon as they reach her bed in the gloomy room, muddled, he acts soulless.

Moments later he finds her half disrobed on him, unable to process the reality he pushes her breast-on to his left and iterates his soullessness but Rosa wasn’t one of those who would give up easily, she tries to retake the control, after all, it’s about her night’s prey. The boy remains adamant on his take; he was no ordinary boy, he was weather proof to Rosa’s magic, he was in love. He mutters about him being in love with this girl called Supriya, resisting Rosa’s efforts and kissing her hand, he passes out back to his dreams.

Rosa snags out the silver knife from the rubber strap on her back and smiles at it’s shine.

“So they still exist eh…Men”


#Note: Preview to NaNoWriMo 😉

End of fucking whatever; Rosa & Julian.

I gazed straight into his eyes as he spoke,

“They say, ‘everything ends‘.

Never Ending Sea

Most likely that’s true; but I have always believed the sea to be a never ending phenomenon and that has always given me hope to last things a little longer. Whether it be the curry smelling beach of Juhu or the phony enticing beach of California, they render this similar feeling of supreme belief that things can last forever.

They also say, ‘Love lasts forever‘.

if you believe in the same, I wish you fortitude in life, you need it. Fortitude, the ‘Courage’ in pain or adversity; that’s what’s coming soon.

Some say, ‘Friendships last forever‘.

Now that’s a crucial area of crystal contemplation. Sometimes I wonder why I made a friend a friend? you know, why do I relate to him? When did I even define…’Oh that guy, he’s going to be my best pal’. How does it really work?

*That last shot of Baileys was strong, agrh, should have added more rocks*

Either ways, yes, how does it work? Hmm…I think, and I’m just thinking. Friendship is one of those ‘alpha human’ skills of survival. Certain animals move in groups because it keeps them safer, it’s easier to ‘hunt’, it’s easier to live. Similarly, humans move in groups because it’s easier to do things when we’re together. No, there’s nothing wrong in that. It’s just that, even something as pure as friendship needs a common area of ‘benefit’ or a common area of ‘interest’ and the whole point of selfless sacrifice is sorta lost between the pages of Ruskin Bond books.

So Rosa, what is friendship to you? what is an end to you?

I was still looking straight into his eyes but this time with a feeling of condolence

“Now why do people drink so much? Son of fucking Julian! I don’t give a fuck about your ‘end of fucking whatever’ shut the fuck up or this will be your END”

I exclaimed, as I hid my shiny silver blade back where it belonged.