Closure: Cambodia – Khambo#22

It took time for me to realize that the trip finished right when it started.

4 days passed like a summer drizzle, I don’t even feel the drop anymore and obviously I felt stretched, It was too much of awesomeness in too less time. Hence, it took time to sync in.

So this is the last in the series of 25 Blog posts about Siem Reap and Cambodia; 8.47 Mins of Siem Reap!

Trip Cambodia might have come to an end but in 3 days, I begin the much awaited, Road Trip Malaysia.

Looking forward!



Goodbye Siem Reap – #Cambodia – Khambo#20

— Written on 22nd afternoon —

So this is the end…
We’re backpacking our way to Phnom Penh now. Why backpacking?

Good Bye Siem Reap


Good Bye Siem Reap

And now that I have 6 hours ( or may be 7) before I reach PP, so it’s quite obvious that I will be blogging till my fingers feel the pain of using hand-held devices for writing.

But Good bye Siem Reap, It was indeed an awe-inspiring experience tripping you.

I will be back. Soon!

The Brown Nose Prodigy – #Cambodia – Khambo#21

–Written on 23rd July–

Yes, you read it right. I’m referring to the Indian nose.

Brown Prodigy



On our last day in Cambodia I realized why Cambodians were so polite to me with regards to everything, right from that 2USD haircut to the funny masseuse who would call me “beautiful” to the tuk tuk driver who would look at me with love. (Wait, that sounds gay)

Now it has nothing to do with me. It’s my brown nose.

I’m not sure to what extent this is true, I was told this by a Mauritian friend of mine working in Cambodia. She said, ” they love our brown nose, it gets you everything”

Wait. Everything meh?

At that very moment, i decided, I need to find a job opportunity in Cambodia!

As someone once said, sometimes a brown nose is all you need 😉

Monday Morning – #Cambodia -Khambo#19

— Written on 22nd July —

9am: Monday Morning and I’m lazy enough to feel like I’m on my way to office right now but that’s now the case.

We will be visiting Angkor Wat one last time (3rd) before we head down south to Phnom Penh.

The beauty of this awe-inspiring mega structure lies in the concept of it’s inception. A temple facing west, devoted to Lord Krishna, representing the lordship, muscularity and Godlike personality of King Suryavarman II.

Angkor Wat 1


11:30am: Spent two hours walking and in meditation at Angkor Wat, wrote postcards (gonna post them soon) and felt the power of aura one last time.


Angkor Wat 4
“It’s always good to be proud of where you come from”

The Country Side – Cambodia – Khambo#18

The country side of Cambodia reminds me of the green fields of India. They remind me of the serene beauty that our countries posses; the mesmerizing water ponds surrounded by enormous green fields, wooden houses, mud huts,hens making highways their playground and kids rolling tyre across the fields.



If all dreams of men ever came true since the existence of men like us, it was here, in countries like India and Cambodia.

Yes, that’s a Mr. Rolland quote.

No No No, Don’t Phunk With My Heart! – Khambo#Something

For all the travelers who ‘know’ what being happy means in Cambodia,
would probably be able to understand the following post.

1:40am- Music: Trance – Dash Berlin mix

Cross they may, the paths of our destiny,
Shine they may with Sins of our history,
Scary they may, the glimpse of our chemistry,
Together, I know, we both can write a story.

In simpler terms, Dudeeee! I’m Happy.