Hey, Hello or Hi!

…I deferred my literature in a hope to find you.
Like a Monday morning tide
It has been almost 3 days since our last collide.

Hoping for a four day rule instead of three
Like Ted in that episode of HIMYM
For him it was the yellow, here it was The White.

I shouldn’t have looked away,
With the rhyme of Chivas, now it’s a heavy plight
All that’s left is a picture of you
and a few adjectives, with which I now describe:

Tranquil: That would be your smile
Caring: Would be the motherly shadow of your hair
Spring: The sound of your voice
Alluring: That glare in your eye

Believe me! It was easier when I was younger,
From the notions that today define me and my countrymen
If we were in 2009 or 2010,
I would have asked you about your favorite book or author
and then quoted it in this very literature to begin.

Wonder what stopped me from asking what I should have
Wonder what made you say what you did at that first place
Wonder or Wonder not!
If you still have that paper, give it glimpse
May be you decide to cut this chase.

Not that I have to hear from you, no magic, Do what’s right.
Forget the Stars.
but there’s a story in my head and a literature I want to write

Hey, Hello or Hi!
If you are to call; or if you get to read this at all.
Help me complete the description of an angel, an angel in white.


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