What is a moment?

Every breath we take, every sound we make is a moment.

You cannot create or destroy a moment, you can simply transform it from one state to another. Moment is not energy.

But you can make a moment.

A father feeding his family, the cling of a wind chime, the repetitive rotation of the ceiling fan while a young girl ponders about love is a moment.

Clouds forming eclipses in the night sky is a moment.

Moment is neither physical nor virtual, yet you can feel it during the kiss and visualize it on your Instagram timeline.

A run in a park, the Oreo Mcflurry at  McDonalds, the cry of a baby is a moment.

It’s artificial yet natural. A drag from the Bali cigarette, the diffused scent of fresh curry leaf or the drying pair of sock on a window pane is a moment.

Moments are defined by Adjectives. Adjectives were defined during a moment. Eureka is a moment.

A moment is to defy all laws of physics; it’s neither space bound nor time; one minute can be too short for a moment and a millisecond too long.

The chirping of a bird, the flap of a tortoise and a falling star is a moment. Our idea of defining these as a moment comes itself from a historical or personal momentary experience.

The fortitude we display to make a choice is a moment. The choice itself is a moment.

The texture of a Red wine, the taste of lime or that late night dirty grid is a moment. Moment is an experience; some are bad.

Excitement is a moment, so is loneliness.

We were born in a moment; in a moment we shall die.

Moment is an aspect of a thing. Moment is obsolete.

My belief is a moment, my ink is a moment; my existence is a moment.

I’m a moment. But then what defines a moment?


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