The Most Common Urban Story

It is one of the most common stories in the urban world, you travel; explore continents, countries, trails, country roads, deltas, quays, woods, borders and downtowns only to realize how different you are from others. Some of us are left with cultural signatures on our identity and the rest are simply happy to complete yet another destination on their list while they cherish their return home.

To some of us these journeys are the ‘Roads less travelled’ but with travel becoming more ‘touristic’, only some realize the true meaning of the ‘Road less Travelled’ and I might be simply over complicating the subject but till a year ago, the road less travelled to me was simply visiting a touristic city or backpack across the country or live/work in a foreign land or go to an exotic destination which most people won’t visit, but as 2015 dawns on me, my definition is changing.

And I don’t think I would really know the ‘Road less Travelled’ till I actually experience one. Not that all my 38 travels to 26 counties have not been unique, each of them were a rare experience and I will cherish them for life but I still don’t think I have my ‘Road less Travelled’ yet.

I hope you find your Road less travelled really soon.

I gotta feeling, i’ll find it soon.



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