Why Khalbali? Why blog?

As Catherine Lim once said,

” Literature is like creating a garland of cards, cards that represent moments from everyday life”

And that’s all I’m trying to achieve here, I have no interest in becoming a professional blogger. Writing is my hobby and this blog is my friend to whom I write my short stories and enchanting moments whenever applicable. Yes, some of my posts are alcohol induced, the surprising part is my grammar is better when I’m under it’s influence.

This is one of scheduled posts, I have started a new practice, “predictive blogging”. Essentially, I jot down alphabets when I have nothing else to do.

Like right now, I’m sitting next to a Korean couple playing baseball on their cool Samsung phone.

Had some weird Vietnamese wine after dinner, wish they had scotch, burbon or whiskey.

Now Why Khalbali?
(I have been quizzed about that)

Well, almost a year and half ago, few of us were drinking in Little India. For some odd reason we discussed the song “Khalbali” and for some odd reason Sebastian fell in love with that Song. He can even sing the entire chorus. Now im meeting him in Korea but this is not the reason why this trip is called, Khalbali in Korea.

It’s the entire notion of how I want to spend my year 2015.

And I will share that in a seperate post, it will be tagged “Dhoom”. Wait for it.


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