Miles, Diaries, Currencies, Chargers, ID Cards, Check-In – Travel – Khalbali in K #2

Packing; a quintessential element of a successful travel. Not that it’s the most joyful element but it still is a unique experience. Like today I spent more than 5 hours just packing and I’m not finished yet.

The Essence: 

To me the packing begins with reading through the travel journal of the year (Or Last year), is there something I wrote as a ‘lesson’ from my past travels, is there something I want to do in my next travel and of course this brings in the joyful experience of traversing through the amazing moments one has already experienced. Next up was setting up or unpacking the diary for next year. Travel 2015.

The Items:

Then comes the standard, location based selection of items. My selection of items is mostly based on travel experiences but sometimes if I’m stuck I do refer to Lonely Planet, Travel Adviser or even Skincare, Sanitary, Medication and Hair care are always there with a top priority. It also really depends on the luggage status: CheckIn Or Hand baggage only. Moreover, the travel style will determine the quantity element: Backpacking Or Pleasure Comfort Leisure. 

The Bag:

It’s important to define and select the correct size, type and quantity of bags. Again this comes with experience but personally I prefer a combination of small bags (2) when on a pleasure comfort leisure travel and one backpack (heavy or light) for backpacking.

The Tools:

Your chargers, cameras, GoPro and any other tool that you would need while you’re traveling. It’s also a must to cover the dependencies or prerequisites like you need to carry a ‘multi-pin’ plug to even use a hair trimmer and this multi-pin might be different from the standard ones.

The Money: 

To me this is super fun. To simply budget yourself and manage the cash-flow for a week or two on cash, credit, transfer or foreign currency is simply enchanting. Like, I today I spent 20mins just sorting the number currencies I will be taking to Korea. Now these currencies were lying with me from my previous travel so depending on the currency rate, I will exchange them into KWON. I’m taking a debit card with me(I hate credit), this debit card is not my ‘usual’ bank account card, so just in case I lose it, I won’t be helpless when i’m back — of course this one has enough credit 😉

The IDs – Other Cards:

Well, I always carry multiple IDs or copies of IDs when I travel. A student card (even though I’m not a student :P), my driving license (copy), Airline Membership card, Insurance Card, Regus Business World membership card, an empty debit card which my family or friends can transfer money to in a case of emergency.

Check-In, Printing and Miles: 

Check-In too is a part of packing for me as I would complete the necessary printing of maps, boarding passes, emergency contact (Embassy), insurance docs, hotel booking confirmation or any other important doc that needs to be printed. Of course, ensuring my Frequent Flyer number is most obviously important 😉


Once you’re all packed, you should ideally lock-up everything and run scenarios of what you might be requiring and it what order. Ensure that the right things are in the right bag. Example: You do not want your medicine box to be in the check-in luggage or your moisturizer in your hand baggage. I always pack a day before and run scenarios the next day so I know what needs to altered.

A book, the music: 

Always carry a book when traveling. It’s a must. Update your playlists.

Organize your room: 

Packing as a process does make a mess of your room, at least in my case, one should assemble everything properly in a ‘as-is’ condition. You never know, your sexy hat get left behind under the towel.

Sleep Well (a night before):

Don’t be a stupid blogger and write blogs posts at 3:00AM in the night. Just sleep well.

Hope these will help fellow travelers 😀



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