41.2 Hours to Go – 행복하다 – Khalbali K #1

And it’s Time to Annyeonghaseyo the world.

Trippy scenes with 11 bottles of Wine, Ek Whiskey, Ek Rum and Two Vodka — That’s Merry Christmas. But there’s simply something incredible queue’d up for us. No, it’s not Jack Daniels again, rather it’s a real best friend I’m going to see.

I haven’t seen him since Mar, 2013.

There are only limited ways to do the incredible in this unique life and one of them that matters the most to me is to  travel. I will be in Korea starting 27th to the 7th of January 2015, of course the focus will be South Korea but I will give a fraction of my attention to North Korea too, whether it be in the form of DMZ or the North Korean culture or the way they marinate their KIMCHI…I’m up for the impossible!!

It will be a mistake if I’m not on JD tonight,it’s the Christmas Night.

It will be a mistake if I’m not looking forward to be on Soju on 27th night.; that’s Christmas II.

Am I’m ready for it?

Only time can ‘dictate’ 😀



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