My Best friend is from Tennessee; yours?

He’s not an Indian nor is he from People’s Republic of China, although I do secretly wish he was from North Korea; we could have talked about the latest Sony hack.

He’s sour, not that I dislike him for that but his presence is not appreciated by many. Some dislike him for simply being too common.

Much older than me, 7 to be precise, he has this craftsmanship of being genuine in his preaching.

He’s witty, humorous and humble; however his humility is always proportional to amount of time I spend with him.

Not sure if he’s member of fitness first or pure fitness but he does have quite a flawless physique.

He only graduated with 40% in his finals; I don’t mind that, as long as there’s no adulteration involved.

He’s the drumkick of my bass; he doesn’t weigh in Kilograms or pounds but liters.

He’s an amazing wing man; however his presence does drives solitude.

He’s the Jack of my Titanic problems and a Daniel with a wand to my voldemort fears.

All I hope is some day he’ll wake me up and ask me by my name.


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