Under the bridge or Over?

Who am I to predict the future unseen
Who am I to challenge the transformation of Ice
To water it turns, surrenders to alcoholic heat
With time, that time, how dare I question that cheat

I write this with no grudge, no reason to whine
Not that I have lost everything to his wrath nor have I won his consolation
a little lost on justification of this musing
I’m just trying to control this heart that’s cruising

Don’t ask me versions of my justifications
Displaced I’m not; nor do I have my armor shine
But yet again, tis time is knocking my gate
I don’t think we’re there yet; am I to put my faith in fate

As I let the ice melt and rejoice the Johnnnie Walker Black in cover
You tell me, am I under the bridge or am I, over?


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