Bagan – The Story Continues – Enchanting Myanmar #7

Biking through the Bagan Archaeological Zone is an adventure in itself. You would end up randomly biking through a vast stretch of farm lands surrounding the payas and pagodas.

[Tip: Try Biking from Shwezigon Pagoda to Bagan Viewing Tower through the farm land – It’s awe-inspiring]

BaganTwo days in these vast lands reminded me of the fact that there’s so much more to life than the life here in Singapore. It reminded me how beautifully mesmerizing could a skyline be without those tall skyscrapers and of how soothing the tree’s shade is under a scorching Sun.

Bagan with GoPRo

Sometimes I end up imagining how my life would have been if I was born in village and lived as a villager, could it have been way exciting that it is today?

DCIM103GOPROFollowing is a list of “to dos” in Bagan:

1. Visit as many Pagodas, Payas you can. Plan your travel well if you have less than 3 days in Bagan.

2. Sunset at  Dhammayangyi and BuPaya is a must. 

3. Sunset at the Bagan Viewing Tower is enchanting too.

4. Bike your way down to New Bagan and grab a bite a local food store.

5. Let Tanaka calm your burning skin, apply some at Old Bagan (Next to Ananda Temple or Maha Bodhi temple)

6. Climb up on the small payas located between old Bagan and new Bagan.

7. Vegetarian Lunch at the The Moon.

8. A Walk in the night around the Shwezigon Pagoda. 

9. Stop by the Irrawady River shores towards the sunset (it’s enchanting almost anytime of the day)

10. Make friends with some locals 🙂

Irrawady Bagan


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