Bagan – The city of Payas, Temples and Pagodas – Enchanting Myanmar #6

So after that tiny scary Air Bagan flight I took from Yangon, I was at Bagan Airport late Friday morning all set to explore the rich history of an Enchanting city. The first thing a traveler would notice at Bagan Airport is the baggage collection process, you literally have to find the “Coolie” that has your bag, exchange your baggage tag and collect the same. Next up, you’ll find some smartly  dressed people chasing you to buy a “International” or “Foreigner’s” pass. It’s a must, every international traveling to Bagan has to pay a tourism tax of 15 USD at the airport, on payment you receive a credit card size pass that can be used throughout the Bagan Archaeological Zone; even the hotels are required to register you with your pass Id#.

[Tip: Buy that 15USD Pass]

Had to pay 8000 Kyats or 8USD to a cabby to reach Aung Minglar Hotel in Nyang-u where I had pre-booked my nights. I had a kick-arse SUV driving me though, that was fun.

Bagan Archaeological Zone is roughly divided into 3 zone (small towns): Nyang-u, Old Bagan and New Bagan. I wanted to make the most of my two days in Bagan hence I had planned my sight-seeing pretty well. Below is the map of Bagan, the yellow perimeter represents day 1 and red one, day 2.

[Tip: If you’re planning Bagan, 3 days is perfect to visit this incredible city, obviously with an enchanting history like that, even a life-time is too short.]


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