Flight to Bagan – Enchanting Myanmar #5

So I chose to fly to Bagan rather than the cheaper options that were available like Bus,Train or A boat because I wanted to make the best of my time while I was in Myanmar.

Multiple busses run almost everyday with a cost of 18USD or 1800kyats, Trains range from 15-25USD while I have no idea about the cost of boats; but I know it takes 16days to reach Bagan by a boat while the bus takes 12hours and the train 16.

A flight from Yangon to Bagan takes 1hr and costs like 89-100USD one way, it’s expensive but totally worth it if you have less time in Myanmar.

I booked my flight via this really nice travel agency,

The agency will give you 5% discount if you refer my name and this blog. They are also real nice people who do not try to cheat you but simply sell you the best option.

Now let me give you a headsup about the Myanmar flights, they are damn small planes and you barely get leg room or enough luggage space, try to check-in as much as you can. At first, you might get damn scared, don’t be, the air-hostesses are pretty damn cute and they actually will give you their number.

I flew Air Bagan but im told, all flight experiences are almost the same. The most risky one is Air Myanmar (no offence).


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