19th Street – Enchanting Myanmar #4

Only travelers know the importance of cheap supply of alcohol while they are backpacking a country, hence it’s very important for me to blog about my drinking experience which of course was unique.

So this is YANGON, my first night in Myanmar, my friend from Austria who’s working there for AIESEC, took me out for a 800kyats or 90US Cents Mojito experience, oh yes, you read it right; 90 cents a cocktail -mindblowing (and it’s actually good alcohol).

We went to a place called Ko San on the 19th Street Chinatown (of course), they even had Malibu based cocktail for 2USD. After living and drinking in Singapore, 2USD cocktail sounds heaven.



We drank like cats on milk for hours and it only costed us like 8USD each, mind =blown.

19th street offers diverse beer options but for cocktails, Ko San is the best. This street also has amazing Asian street food, must try by default.

One doesn’t really find local girls partying on this street but if you’re lucky, you might get to join a group of girls celebrating graduation or job at an MNC.

Out of my three nights at Yangon, I was there at all three or at least we started these nights with Ko San.

Ps: Myanmar girls are damn cute.



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