Shwedagon Pagoda – Quick Travel Tips – Enchanting Myanmar #3

Of course Shwedagon Pagoda is a must visit, I had some really good peaceful time at the enchanting pagoda.

I almost spent 5hours just walking around and meditating at various religious spots inside the pagoda, of course I took some crazy GoPro time-lapses and Selfies while I was there.



Few savvy tips to make it things savvier for you:
1. Enter from East entrance if you can, the walk up is simply magistic.
2. Make sure you carry an umbrella
3. Make sure you have long pants else they will make you buy a 5000kyat lungi.
4. Entrance ticket for foreigners is 8000kyat. Keep the ticket with you at all times.
5. Have a seat near the “Saturday” area, it’s magistic there + free WiFi 6. Monks will try to small talk with you, so they can show you around and make you donate, just refuse politely with a thank you if you don’t require them to do so.
7. Tourist guides will pull the same.
8. People might Approach you to buy rubies and gems, don’t make a mistake of buying them, it’s illegal.
9. Make sure you see the pagoda both in the day and in the night, it’s mesmerizing.
10. People will approach you to buy random things, remember they do not want to cheat you but just sell it to you, buy if can 😉

Enjoy the Golden beauty 🙂



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