Enchanting Myanmar -The Story Begins #1

Myanmar was on my top travel radar for the longest of time. From the outside Myanmar feels a lot like any other South east Asian country but that would be a very big insult to it’s true identity.

Myanmar was on my travel radar since I was a kid, back then my mom would listen to a 50s-60s bollywood song: “Mere Piya Gaye Rangoon”, this song had a mention of Dehradun which is my hometown, it was then I decided I will go to Rangoon(Yangon) some day.

Funny I guess but means a lot to me 🙂

So Myanmar, I planned a 6day travel to Myanmar with a focus on Yangoon and Bagan only. [Though Mandalay, Inle Lake and the beach im forgetting the name of is a must go].

I was/will be here from 3rd Sep To the 8th. (tense depends on when I get to post this blog post)

Following was my Myanmar prep:
1. Get the visa at least one week before departure.
2. Get some meds to boost your immune system (vitamin c +zinc)
3. A pack of standard medicines for common sisicknesses.
4. You can carry your money in USD,EURO or SGD. Bagan will only accept EURO or USD. Currency notes need to crispy!
5. Prepare for rains and for long hours of exposed heat.
6. Sunscreen, even an Indian for tan here.(Bagan)
7. Book your guest house/hotel in advance at least for the first night post that you can scout for cheaper hotels.
8. Get long trousers, so you can enter all the holy pagodas, get an Indian Kurta Pajama if you want to be the center of attention.
9. Be ready to be patient and nice with people, no one here wants to cheat you, they just want to sell 🙂
10. Carry a small backpack and a small umbrella!

Hope the above helps, keep reading for more Myanmar updates!


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