Matter vs Time – Lucy me!

There are at least 7.3 Billion ways to perceive the dynamics of our life; who you wanna be and what you wanna do are mere strings of a larger particle spectrum

And to randomly ramble without a reason is one of them. The above is an aftermath of watching, Lucy after a day of Big bang theory marathon, clearly the geek in me is in the lead role.

I really liked the idea of infinite brain capacity and optimum usage of its capabilties, makes me go; Oh I wish. The idea of connecting Lucy’s real life actions to a human evolution storyline was an excellent idea; +7% to the director.

Although the story doesn’t really explain how she manipulates time, if time is the only scale and not any measure of  matter  then how she’s able to sync knowledge from past as matter cannot control time?
(safe assumption: she is made of matter)

Unless, after using 100% capacity of her brain, she can convert matter into time. Perhaps thats what happen in the end, she became one with time

Her last statement,” Im everywhere” does represent that.
(aassuming only time is everywhere)

Overall, an amazing movie (even though the connection of drugs with 100% brain capacity is stupid idea).

I can’t wait for a bollywood remake where Sharukh Khan eats some rare butter chicken and starts using 100% Of his brain and makes Earth the Sun.

I think I should end this before I stop using another 3% of my brain. Good Night, Fellow Matter.

Ps: This is a movie review!


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