“To Be Honest” – This is yet Another Friday Night [Saturday Morning]

As Julian says, “To be Honest”  [Not Julian Dalbert but Julian Tan]

Life here is a little funny, you meet people here and then
Wonder why? Is it alcohol or is the Clarke Quay or the memories of Phnom Penh
I render.
No matter where ever you be,
This little heart wants to break free

Alone, when I look at your pictures on Facebook,
I don’t miss you at all, I miss the essence of you in that bracelet (Red in color)
I render.
Time would or should say, I should be over you,
But that thought of you, that image of you – Think of a Winter Sunday morning dew

It says on the leaf till the impatient wind displaces it off the quadrant
am I your expression or are you my constant?
I render.
It just might be this particular night that I might wonder,
You’re still there, here and to that fact; I surrender. (I wish)

Math might not be the right way to display my affection
but what about you and memories of you, there’re in my heart like an art collection?
I render.
I’m not an artist and I’m not an curator
To me; my heart, you and that mistake leaves me with a significant crater

With a hope that someday I will move on to become a person you always wanted me to be,
I render.
Make me a choice, give me that option; make me an invitee.


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