The Great Indian Traffic – God’s Own Country #5

Written at 2pm, 26th July

We’re talking India here; there’s no escaping the haphazard traffic. Perhaps that best you can do is roll up your car windows and switch on the chill aircon.

We’re on the road since 9:30 in the morning, it’s at least a four hour ride downhill from Munnar and yes the traffic makes it 4 hours not the distance plus its raining like cats, dogs and mouses!

But the travel’s not over yet; after we pick up the girls, our next stop is at least 2 hrs away by road and I’m assuming traffic will too play its part.

When you’re traveling in India, you need to factor in the long traffic hours.


It’s difficult to explain others why they are spending their entire Saturday in traffic but that’s a part of your Incredible India experience.

This is what people of Kochi ( or Indians in general) go through everyday and the fact is life will go on, so will our travel. Here it is, LuLu Mall.


One thought on “The Great Indian Traffic – God’s Own Country #5

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