Backwater Breeze – God’s Own Country #6

So eventually, we did manage to reach Kumrakom to witness the inland backwaters. These backwaters run along Kerala covering an area of 900 Sq Kms, yes that’s humongous.

The plan for 26th was just to chill and enjoy the scenic beauty around.

We checked-in at Backwater Breeze (I found this place on It’s a home stay cottage with all basic amenities. What’s amazing is it’s location, It’s facing head straight to the Kumrakom lake whike behind these cottages there is acres of Rice Paddy Fields which makes this place way more awe-inspiring. They also have a mini-farm behind which is a home to a couple of ducks, hens and pigeons.

The food here is prepared by the neighbor aunty who is an excellent cook, she made us a $3 fish fry which was almost the best fish fry I ever had.

It’s amazing how the most beautiful of all things is at the smallest and rarest of all places. Always



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