20th State – A Foreigner – God’s Own Country #1

Robert Louis Stevenson once wrote: There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.

Not sure if the above quote is valid for my next trip. I agree with “a traveler being the only foreign” but what if the traveler is traveling his own land, would you still call the traveler a foreign? And it gets trickier when traveling in/through India.

When I was a kid I wanted to travel through every city, every village in India – I Still do; I do understand it’s rather close to impossible to do the same ( at the moment) but now I at least hope to Discover the known in my own motherland. Travel; and not just travel to travel but to discover every state of India and to understand what they stand for.

Political Map of India (Wikipedia)

I have been to 19 states in India so far (living, traveling, exploring…) and next up is Kerala. Kerala is a happy state with the highest HDI (in the country) and a mind-blowing  literacy rate of 97.5% (highest too).

I wonder how people are like in the towns, in the villages; would they too smile at the silliest of moments and cry while watching emotional bollywood movies? Do they even watch bollywood movies? I hope they would smile when I pose with them for Selfies.

I always read Kerala’s history in books (during my education), saw documentaries online, “liked” Facebook posts from the “Kerala Tourism FB Page” but now I’m finally going to be there.

I’m EAGER to climb that coconut tree while it rains like crazy till I reach the pinnacle only to jump right into heart of the backwaters at this God’s Own Country, Kerala.

Jump Coconut


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