10 Travel Essentials (For Women) while Traveling to India.

If there was a dictionary called “Real Meanings” India would mean “Diversity” or well if a foodie was the author of the dictionary perhaps it would mean “The land of Masala Food“. India is many things and “many” enough that it cannot be generalized or stereotyped – FOR ANYTHING.

Let’s Talk Travel today: You can read about India at the  Incredible India website or simply Google “India Travel” to begin exploring the mammoth tourism dream land.

I will soon be traveling to Kerala: God’s Own Country for a summer week with friends; thought I should compile a list of 10 Travel essentials for Women traveling to India.


1. Carry Clothes that cover well: now I might just offend some women there when I say, “Carry Clothes that Cover”. As a a citizen of the country, I would not want my women to wear any more than what they feel like but the fact is not everyone thinks like you and I do. A 2-inch gap between your top and your jeans is “not proper” while a 5-inch gap between the Saree is perfectly fine | well it also depends on where you are, it’s fine to wear short clothes at beaches, river sides, tourist areas while it will be “not proper” to wear the same at a holy temple, village side, a school, public market or at a farmer’s yard.

2. Carry a Scarf: It’s always smart to carry a scarf in India; it will protect you from the unwanted sun’s wrath, the dusty winds and sometimes even the eyes of the undesired.

3. Carry a pack of Meds: It’s easy to find medicine of all kinds in India but it might be a little tricky to get the chemist to provide you the right find. Carry the common ones (For Fever, cold, stomach, Malaria etc) – Yes, Get ready for a bad stomach. Courtesy: The Real Masalas.

4. Travel Savvy not Fancy: India doesn’t really appreciate beauty pageant participants, Indians do (specially the blonde ones from The US). You might not wanna travel with those Gucci or Prada bags, rather keep it simple and buy a cotton bag from the market – Travel Light and Savvy — NOT FANCY.

5. Heels don’t make any sound: Yes, it’s true. Heels around here don’t make that “Tik Tok” sound, try wearing something light like an osho sandal to keep yourself comfortable.

6. A dumb phone: What’s the point of smart phone while you’re traveling eh? Try traveling with a light (Read as: Not so Expensive) phone as there’s a high probability of you losing it. Go for one of those Nokias, if needed. There’s Wifi/Cyber Cafe (to access internet) at almost every corner of India. (Don’t judge me on the Internet speed darling!!)

7. Sunscreen: Yes, Sunscreen. Get the best of the best from the market, we’re talking about India, the God of Sun was born here dude!

8. Pepper spray: I’m not saying it will be required but somethings are always good to carry.

9. An Indian Dress: Well, I’m sure you would wanna visit a marriage procession or go travel to a holy place (temple etc), make sure you carry an Indian dress than is suitable for such occasions. There’s nothing more awesome-r than winning a heart of a local by appreciating his/her culture.

10. Confidence:  No matter how bad you’re at Martial arts; you only need one little secret to survive India. CONFIDENCE. Be Confident about everything (approaching people, asking for help, renting a rickshaw) – Indians get the “peer pressure thing” from confident people. Be Cool and Polite but confident (and not mean/rude).

Hope these would help; India is a many countries in one and there’s a reason why our travel campaign is called “Discover India”.

Happy Discovering 😉

Do read Washinton Post’s They Don’t Call it God’s Own Country For Nothing. 


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