Espolianto: A Friday night!

Jump from a mountain so high that even death thinks twice before accompanying you. Dive in a river so deep where the flow has been stagnant since the day of it’s very inception. Kiss a girl who sell’s herself for money with so much love that she never attempts to see the light of those streets. Do one thing incredible that shakes the very existence of your core belief.

Drink up! Drink up really hard! Drink up so hard that even your vampire next door thinks twice before feeding on you. Cheat on someone, you’re too young to be loyal  but cheat only if it’s worth it. Strive for perfection; no body is perfect, your girl is.

Rob a bank; be that bank be the love of your family and that of your friends. Donate the extra currency, there are many lonely ones out there. Take your neighbor on a date, she always waits-up for you when you’re not home early.

Listen to Trap Music on one of those giant headphones. Remember to share the beats; start with your heart and then hers. Call for a cab late at night when you’re drunk and then randomly decide to walk home. Share your pizza with the Cabby uncle.

Smile. It’s free but don’t spend your smile at ratchet clubs; they will misuse it. Try playing guitar in the middle of the city street, if it doesn’t work out, try Harmonica. Stalk her on twitter, she might just be tweeting because she knows you’re reading.

Listen to the Song, Kabira on youtube and scribble a random blog post. Open your friend-list on whatsapp and invite everyone to party; do the same on WeChat, Tinder, OkCupid or whatever. Make sure you charge your phones; make sure you’re ready to dance because tonight; we’re Espolianto, we’re a Friday night!



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