Raw: Last Night (again)

I wrote the following text at 6:35 am in the morning; I was at the edge of passing out but somehow managed to take a bus from Bugis to reach home. I could barely open my eyes hence I need an activity to keep me awake, hence the following:

(The text is as-is, no edits, no alters, no corrections 😉 )

There’s something about this “last man standing” act. I’m not proud of it, in fact I feel weird, I’m the only one standing; but you/someone’s gotta stand, the guy who gets it’s all done. (I guess)

But why? I would ask? I’m consuming a sandwich in the bus(I’m not suppose to) I wish I had someone who would take the ownership of dropping me home.

It’s almost Sunrise, the birds are chirping and I’m typing.

The fact Is ,I wish to stay awake till I reach my stop, I’m not in a state to drop a girl home (like the Yishun stint), all I want to do is go home

I just crossed the Toa Payoh rise, it’s all known, the path, the schedule but there’s something about it’s placement, I always get lost.

Am I meant to be? Only reality can tell. Dreams are mere observations and I’m just a dreamer.


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