To nettle A Rhyme.

Living in a dream of hope; we tend to nettle the reality
To chase success and trap pain we tend to defy sanity
Unlike a Jasmine flower that selfishly mints the aura
We are the garlic’s of lives; we are the calamity.

Clinging to A certainty of our past we define the allure of our present
We admire the washouts of the world as our role models to consent
Unlike the molten rock that find it’s own constitution
We are the water of our lives; we perpetually seek an assent

“Friendship Friendship”, the drift of life; we all proclaim
To seek a doctorate we conceive our chemistry and detail our gain
Unlike the evening Sun that is truthful to what it renders
We’re the unplanned weather of our lives; we’re the genesis of their pain

Like and Unlike; are alters of the same dime
We are the abstract nature in our lives; we are the ultimate rhyme.


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