And here we are – The Two Economies #1

21st Feb -5:45am (Singapore time)
Ever wondered…How many people are ‘up in the air’ at any given point in time?
Ever wondered…Who was the last person that sat on the seat you’re sitting in? Why was she traveling? May be you know her? May be she is the one. Funny how my assumptions are always a she 😉


Well clearly, I have an addiction. An addiction to travel, of travelling, of breathing the air of exploration; and it’s awesome. Just nearly two months ago I flew in to Saigon and now I’m all set to trip the two fastest growing economies in the world 😉

Btw. We have a lady pilot in the house, Ms. Sandhya ( I feel safer for a reason ;))
And I have two punjabi couples gossiping right behind me ( I don’t feel safe now :p )

21st Feb – 9:02am (Singapore time)
Why can’t there be places in the world which are not ‘owned’ by any countries, governments or races?
Why does it have to be blue? The sky, waters…Sun’s light after refraction could have chosen a different color? Imagine weekly VIBGYOR; Monday – Violet, Tuesday – Indigo….Saturday – Orange and Sunday – Red.

Sometimes I wish I had the power to make these imagines a reality; and have answers to all my ‘ever wondered…’. May be someday, Rumi once said, “Travel brings power and Love”.

21st Feb – 9:07 am (Singapore time)
Dude, what’s with that Mexican hat and pink tshirt…sure you’re from Chandigarh!

21st Feb – 7:15 am (Indian Standard time)
The Sunrise 😉



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