Vietnam; I left something back home.

A month ago I was sipping Vietnamese drip coffee and eating Bánh mì at Bui Vien after an awe-inspiring New Year’s Eve in Ho Chi Minh City. (New Year’s at Giangs & 10 ways to celebrate New Year’s bash in Ho Chi Minh City)

There’s something about this Vietnam trip that has tweaked me a little; I’m not sure if it’s the simplicity of people in this country that made me realize how materialistic I have become lately or is it just me able to understand myself a little bit better. I have always believed in Rumi’s quote about travel bringing power and love to life; in fact I did write something during my trip about it: Travel Brings Po & Ve – Rumi’s quote could be the apt one line summary of my trip.

Vietnam has mesmerizing yet powerful history of inherited culture, war, leadership, excellence, fortitude and love. And I guess this is exactly what defines the people of Vietnam. Not to ignore the intelligence of Vietnamese Communist, the trip to Cu Chi Tunnels gave me an awe-inspiring insight to their stealth and intelligence: (Cu Chi Tunnels).

As traveler it’s almost impossible to fall in love (considering the awe-inspiring options around you) but ‘love is not that alters with travel’ nor does it ask you when you would want to fall in it, you just do; My pinch of love (self and her) – Shadow.

Overall, Vietnam was an overwhelming experience due to many reasons, events, people and occasions. I don’t think I can ever get over Vietnam. And for this one reason, Vietnam is up on the list of my 2014 Travel!

You can read more about my Vietnam trip here:

I have also compiled two video blogs on my youtube channel:


Do Travel to Vietnam; It will bring power and love to you life.


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