Thank you Steve Jobs; I had an awesome Sunday!

Saturday scooted longer than expected while the night more astonishing than subjected,
Being one of those days where effusion is what you go with,
no intentions nor a thought; some say destiny, some refer it as a myth
Who knew the neb payoff, who knew what really was being manifested.

Saturday was the silence heretofore the Sunday storm
an iPhone5 was the reason abaft the change
which came in like a wind; something surreal about it, yet strange
The hurricane was indeed calm and the rain, warm.

Dear iPhone5, “I don’t own you, nor do I plan to
“Why then did you do this benevolence to me?
Give me the light behind this darkness, a fortuity to see”
It was all evoked with a dispatch and a coffee the ‘beans’ could have brew

Instead it was about a tea and a elfin sunshine
a walk in those contemporary grasslands with an essence of home
We walked the talk; I did show her the plot throughout the zone
The breeze, the bench, our conversations, those stories, her smile – just as Picasso’s fine.

A random plan to dine; my eyes animated in an Indian style
Bus ride, crowded street, ATM experience and thy brimming smirk
“Was it a dream?” Because really, that was an awesome walk
Not that I haven’t done that before but frankly, it has been a while

Paneer, God’s own creation; the reason humans were incepted
The love of Daal with an impeccable essence of Pakistani butter chicken
Sweet Lassi; nothing better could have made thy season
“Was this slated?” Wait. Isn’t that overrated?

Never before in this island had I ever escorted someone home
where prevails the culture of materialistic lust,
that’s uncommon, forget about it being a appreciative must
It indeed was awe-inspiring; It felt like Moscow, Mumbai and Rome

All good things come to an end, so does every song
but someone once said, “…that’s no reason not to enjoy music”
a Punjabi rhythm in my head; the style acoustic
Thank you Steve Jobs for making that iPhone.


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