2014 – 10 Things to do in the year 2014


Towards the end of every year, I try to sit back and reflect on my current year’s learnings, mistakes, experiences, key moments and achievements; the idea is to consolidate the previous year’s happenings and recognise the efforts that you through for yourself. This is also the time where I plan myself for the year ahead.

I try to keep it as objective and as legendary as possible.

The 10 Things I hope to achieve in 2014:
1. Learn Harmonica – professionally.
2. Attend a Big Fat Indian Wedding.
3. Regular Workouts, swimming, jogging, yoga or outdoor sports ( 5 days a week)
4. List item is Encrypted
5. Travel to at least 5 counties ( 3 new ones 😉 )
6. Publish/Self-Publish two books, keep blogging and read at least 50 books.
7. Microsoft Technologies Expert (.Net/SharePoint)/Business Transformation Expert – Master Skill.
8. Sister’s JEE and Engineering admission.
9. List Item is Encrypted
10. Achieve one “Impossible is nothing” task 😉
10+. Be Yourself 😉

The theme of the year 2014 is: Attitude with Fortitude to make the impossible, nothing.



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