Travel Brings Po and Ve – The Pho Experience # Something

They ought might call it a cliché and most of the times I would agree but this moment (this spec of the second) where I feel vindicated, cannot be justified as a Cliché.

Now I’m skipping few interesting experiences I have had here in Saigon to share the contemporary ‘talk’ in my head.

“Travel brings power and love back into your life.”
― Rumi

I had weird expectations from Vietnam or from my trip in Vietnam. Initially, I just wanted to meet a friend, party with her and go around the city; later I changed my plan to just walking around- reading – writing plan but that too was a fail ( naturally). Eventually, things did fell in place, I did what I’m should have planned from the start.

1. Travelled around Saigon: Mekong, Monkey Island, Cu Chi tunnels etc
2. Partied hard: Karaoke, live music, bars, lounges, shacks, clubs, hookah joints – all done 😉
3. Art and history: visited every museum mentioned on Trip advisor and every artistic place or temple
4. Date: went on a date, felt inspired beyond thought. A positive change to life.
5. 2014 Resolution: yes, I went through a 7day awesome process to come up with a resolution.
6. Meeting friends, new people: met dozens of people over Christmas and New Year Party. New conversations, stories, ideas, thoughts; life.

This travel has made me realise there’s good and evil in all, including myself. The evil is me always existed and I had only a faint idea about its existence but now I know what’s evil, I know why it’s there and I know how to work my way out without any emotional shutdowns.

I guess it all started with,” Loving Yourself”
Either ways, I’m inspired, I’m ready to face any adversity put forth in 2014; for this fight is called Life.

I guess Rumi was right, travel does bring power; for the love part only time will tell.



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