Mekong Delta – The pho experience #12

Last Friday I took a one day tour to Mekong Delta. It was short and sweet.

The location My tho – Ben Tre is roughly 2hrs away from the HcM city. It is said to be “an unforgettable way of seeing the true Vietnamese culture of the South”

We took a boat trip around the four islands of the Mekong delta: Dragon, Unicorn, Tortoise and Phoenix. Post that we visited the natural creeks and peaceful villages of Ben Tre province. Tropical fruits, honey tea and traditional music were the top highlights.

I really loved the special rowing boat trip that takes you through the amazing naturally green canals.

The trip was more fun because of 5 cute Australian med girls ( they were studying medicine), they were really nice and helpful (I was sick and hence I was literally being nursed by them) , I had incredible conversations about our lives in our countries, their med experiences, cultural differences etc.

I really wish them good luck on their trip and travel ahead.


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