Overwhelmed – The pho experience 11

Even though as a project manager I would never like to believe this (and my bosses please don’t quote me one this one), a plan will not always go through as planned. No matter how well you plan the same you will meet deltas and variables in your progress.
(A good project manager plans these deltas and variables but during my travel itinerary Planning I did not take them into consideration)

I met certain variables during my travel plan right now, and my entire itinerary has changed.

Variable 1: A good travel agency
I found a good travel agency that suggested me trips and tours via which I could do more of touristy things in less time. They are cost effective and helpful (flirting pays back ;)) – hence what I thought I would do in 5 days, I did in 3.

Variable 2: Amazing host
Yes! My host aka Jean aka Giang aka Rudolf is super awesome, she mostly picks me up and drops me to places everyday. She has taken me to several Vietnamese cuisine restaurants in a span of 5 days! Not to forget the party places. Hence what I would have explored in 5 days, I explored in 3 🙂

Variable 3: a date
Of course I never planned to go on a date in Vietnam but I did. I think after a real long time I felt a was date like an actual date. Date causes change in budget, travel plan and of course mood. I feel very much relaxed and happy 🙂
For what will happen next, only time will tell.

Variable 4: I’m sick
When so much happens in so less time you tend to not take care of yourself and fall into the vicious sickness circle. I have my same old cold which happens due my allergy towards dust and extreme temperature changes. I’m fine, have my meds. Even took a trip to. Meekong in partial sickness haha. But still it does stop you from doing more.

For what I will do next is not planned because at moment I have no idea what lies ahead and I’m in no mood to predict!


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