Cù Chi Tunnels – The pho experience #8


Visited Cu Chi tunnels yesterday.

How did I book a tour?
I just visited a random travel agency located at Bui vien (Green Rose Travel). Most tours start in the morning and end by 3pm in the afternoon.

How long does it take to be there?
It roughly takes 1.5hours to reach Cu chi.


The tunnels of Cu chi were the holy revolutionary base of Vietnamese communist regime. It took 20 years of evolutionary development to build cu chi as what it is today, it is said there are still secret passage ways to be discovered. If I have to describe them in short, it’s three levels of underground tunnel system with certain areas of tunnels as thin as snake hole. The tunnel system had rooms, kitchens, armoury etc Above these they had a complicated system of trap doors, booby traps, ventilation pipes and smoke outlet zones.

The tunnels of cu chi are an attractive collection for sightseeing, a meeting place to look back on tradition and culture, and a lesson for the west for underestimating the east for ages. If you’re ever visiting Ho Chi Minh city, do visit the Cu Chi underground tunnels to understand Vietnam and it’s people better.

Oh yes, I did volunteer myself to enter the tunnel, I was inside for 7-10mins, crawled for 65meters and I gave up!


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