Christmas Party with AIESEC Vietnam – The Pho Experience #6

Christmas is incomplete without friends, family and Rudolf.
Obviously me being here in Vietnam means I’m missing out on the family bit of it but my dear Rudolf made sure I have a good Christmas here in Ho Chi Minh city.

My Rudolf aka Giang invited me to join the AIESEC Vietnam Christmas party last night and it was awesome.

No matter how much I tell myself that I will stay away from AIESEC and it’s activities for a while, it never works. I guess it’s just in my DNA now; conversations between AIESECers still inspire me. It makes me feel young, wild and still on fire.

So about last night: I guess it was like 20 of us; mc members, lc members, eps, alumni and interns. Kings Cup was the icebreaker for me, obviously with the handsome experience of chairing drinking games around the world, I chaired this one too. Faces turned red really fast.

Later I met the inspiring CCP of GLS2015 (I still prefer calling it IPM).

Post the drinking we exchanged gifts, clicked some pictures, DJied some dance tracks and shared some jokes.

I entered the house as a stranger with a Rudolf and when I left the house today morning, I was a reindeer GLEEd by new friends and awe-inspiring stories.

I’m glad and humbled to know that I will always be an AIESECer 😉


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