Mapping Bui Vien – The Pho Experience #4

So what did I do next?
The Bui Vien Mapping Project.

Bui Vien is an enchanting street with similarities to Nana st of Bangkok and Clarke Quay of Singapore. Yes, you read that right. I think it’s a supreme amalgamation of hifi sexy clubs, lounges and food joints along with cheap beers and massage avenues.

To start with alcohol, Beer is not served in any of the small bars, only ICE COLD BEER or F****** something beer is available; that’s awe-inspiring. Most of these bars have happy hours and happy girls. I was too scared to enter any of these bars. Ooo la la ooo la la…

There are 3 good sheesha joints, 3 good Indian food avenues and 2 good tattoo shops. I didn’t go inside either. The beer starts at 10000 dongs and could go up to 95,000 dongs which is still cheaper than Singapore’s 7/11.

There are gazillions of massage counters and local food joints; which I will be exploring in the coming days. After my dinner and few beers at a local restaurant, I visited GO2, a nice lounge. They had really good rock and house music, well, I can still hear them as my hotel is right next to the lounge.

To sum it up, all I did tonight was mapped Bui Vien in my head. I now know places to visit in the coming days!


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