Dude. What do I do? – The Pho Experience #3

So, here’s my first experience of Vietnam:

The flight’s 40mins late, it takes 1.5 hours to process my visa, the people responsible to coordinate my arrival are unreachable, no wifi at the airport and I have no idea where to go.

How did I react?
Calm. Had some Coca-Cola, played Minon rush on my iPad while I waited for my visa approval; winked at some visa officers of both genders, combed my hair and then winked again. Got my approval, went out bought a SIM card, called a dear friend (who was really worried about me) and flirted with the girl at the taxi counter.

Because when you’re in a foreign country not everything will happen as you expect. As long as you’re safe, being catered to (somehow) and aware of your surroundings; you will do just fine. Just enjoy yourself.

Did I get cheated by the cabby?
Not really. I entered the cab, told him “if you don’t cheat me, I tip you” – it worked.

Where did I stay?
I’m at Phoenix25 hotel, Bui Vien.

Was I prepared for this situation?
Yes. I had all the important numbers including Indian Embassy. I had maps of District 1,3,7 (three perspective places I planned to crash ;))

What did I do while I was in the cab?
I mapped the entire path from airport to BV. I will never have direction problems again!

What did I learn from his experience?
I have good Project Management skills :p
Plan better lah!

Am I disappointed or sad?
Dude! I’m excited. This doesn’t happen everyday 😉

Am I in love with Vietnam already?
Hell ya!

Stay tuned!




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