Name vs Story – The Pho Experience #2

They say we ought to strive, to survive
Couldn’t we call it a dibs and stop building castles, beehives
Or could we just flow like the adventurous Nile flow
From journey to destination; then back and fro

They say, what goes around comes around
I don’t like what it means but I like it’s sound
Remember those times of ring-a-ring-a and marry go around
It’s nostalgic but this is only rhyme my heart found

Now at crossroads that run only from east to west,
Lights that shines at night, only existing in the day
I ain’t not scared, ain’t not sad
Today is when I flee; it’s there where I rest

What the world cannot see; blinded with bling bling lights and feathers furry
They do know my name but not my story.


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