Singapore; they fall in love.

Those little eyes that personified love embedded in a shadow of his blonde existence,
Was his touch, his care and his calm persistence.
She indeed, destined for a larger inheritance.

“One day”, they said in the silence of a passionate career rush,
He left town,
She followed,
No one made a sound, no one made the hush.

We knew none were here to stay,
Neither was love.

One went west, the other east
Knowingly unaware;
That the world is round
And there’s a destiny we all meet.

At the junction of lives where they were to meet,
Celebration, The most wanted and expected heat
A beer fest;
and the most charming greet.

There wasn’t a moment, he didn’t dream of her shadowed existence,
There’s wasn’t a breath that she didn’t feel the shadow of his resonance.

Defined by destiny;
Like an ear to an eye,
There she was,the red sunset
Him, the evening sky.

Now that they are one, I can imagine his blushing face pan,
Her shy reddish cheek like a crazy candy man

I can’t be the brides maid but they better call me as the best man,
If anyone ever questions you, if an internship can make you fall in love;
You gotta revert,
Of course, Can Can Can!

(Raw; but from the heart, so happy today, thank you awesome new couple)



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