India; Truth behind Indian Stereotypes – Part 1

Interestingly as the world is moving towards the 6th Generation of Information Technology; We, rather than becoming more adverse with knowledge and information, have become more prone to what we “hear”, “read” not what we research or understand.

Luckily, during my role of being the Social Sector responsible for AIESEC India, I have had the privilege of both understanding the positives and the negatives about my country as well as being able to communicate the same with the International Network.

I believe, knowing your negatives (I term them as weaknesses) is a strength in itself.

Please give me the opportunity to relay some stereotypes about India and the facts behind the same:

1. Indian is the Indian language: There is no such language as “Indian”, At present India has 22 Official languages and hundred’s of dialects. You can speak in the parliament in any of these 22 languages.

2. Every Indian Food is Curry: Not true; we have varied cuisine styles not all are curry based, though Turmeric (not curry power or curry leaves) is our major ingredient of Indian Food.

3. There is no electricity in India at night: Dude! This one’s lame. How do you think your Data Centers and IT development centers operate at night? Though there might be a small village in some corner of the country which might face regular electricity outage.

4.All Indian’s are IT: Majority of Indians you see might be IT but in general it’s not true. In India, majority Indians are farmers or public sector workers. Abroad, majority Indians are Engineers and Doctors (in multifarious fields)

5. Bollywood is all we watch: We do love bollywood, why not? It’s the biggest cinema entertainment in the world. But we do enjoy your contemporary Hollywood stuff.

6. We Dance when we propose, like in the bollywood movies: Well, NO. Bollywood movies (any movie) does not have a specific target audience, it’s made for everyone. Hence, every movie has “Songs”, “Romance”, “Action”, “Melodrama”, “Comedy”; all in one.  Hence the stereotype.  We propose naturally, like everyone. Yup, it could be dramatic though 😛

7. We all look the same: Apologies but ethnicity wise (history), we’re very diverse. Wikipedia this.

8. India only plays Cricket: Yes, Cricket is like our religion and we’re brilliant at it but that’s not the only sport we’re known for. We’re (top 3) world champions at Chess, Badminton (female), Hockey, Wrestling, Shooting,

9. Everyone is poor in India: BEEP. India has the 6th Largest Number of Billionaires in the World. Though, many Indians live below the 2USD/Day poverty line.

10. Caste System Still Exists:  Hello! That was out 67+ years ago. Though people might prefer to marry their sons/daughters in the same “religion”.

11. Connectivity in India is bad: We have the largest rail network, largest post mail network (every city, village, corner), 2nd largest cellphone network (and number of phone users) 5th/6th country to have dozens of  Satellite’s in the air. Oh! We have airplanes too.

12. India is always hot: Try to experience the winter wrath of Kashmir or any state in the Himalayas and you will never say that again. On the other hand; India does have a hot Thar desert, Hot Delhi and UP plains and A hot-moist Mumbai-Chennai.

13. Inflation is high, food is expensive and poor people can’t buy: All of that is true if the poor person is attempting to buy a Kilogram of rice from a super market of Tata’s; but with a valid Ration ID, you get a kilogram of rice for 4INR which is 0.06 USD. (I’m not joking,  every citizen rich or poor is entitled to Ration ID but you’re subsidized according to your payscale) India recently passed the Food and Security bill (sort of), a poor man can buy a kilogram of Sugar for as cheap as 0.03USD.

14. India is a 5th World country when it comes to Technology:  We just sent a home built satellite (probe) to Mars. That should be good enough. Though, some Indians might still feel lost when they hold a cellphone.

15. Indian’s Worship Millions of God: Roughly, 330Million. Not literally though, the idea of God is similar, God is one, The Creator. Hindus believe that god is in everything, it’s all manifestations of the one source and creator of reality. Therefore every living and non-living thing is viewed as sacred. Hence, Millions of Gods. India is a secular country and you can practice any religion without hesitation whatsoever.


Here you go, the first fifteen. If you notice, these are not the most common ones like Snake Charmers, Education, Butter chicken Cows or the Great Indian Nod for those I’m sure you can put Google to some use.

In my next post, I will mark some sensitives ones with stats to prove the same.

Until then…

Jai Hind (We don’t say that always :P)



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