Hills that Glitter, More precious than Gold #Dehradun

Like the evening mist that envelops, fringe to fringe
Like the modest sun that luster, inch to inch
Like the acute wind that empowers, breath to breath
Like the heavenly aura that marks, stone to stone
Like the change the glitters, is my sacred love.

Like the drop of dew that sheen, leaf to leaf
Like the buzz of the bee that flings, flower to flower
Like the silver cloud that politely shades, mile to mile
Like the grass, a ballet, that sways, left to right
Like the inception that has no origin, is my sacred love

Like the hills found dime a dozen, north to south
Like the land found humdrum, east to west
Like the Gold that always glitters, gleam to glitz
Like the change that’s nature, is my sacred love

Like the sacred love of a Life, soul to soul, are my hills of Dehradun.
Dehradun2 Dehradun3


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