They still exist; Men.

She woke him up; urged to kill.

Asphyxiation or silver knife through his heart“, she wondered on the possible ways of killing him. Decision was directly proportional to the kind of sexual assault she would face.

First, she would seduce the flushed young runt passed out on the table across, then she would take him to her room and comply her ritual, then the best juncture, the hunt; she got it all planned.

Ritual was not new to her neither was getting raped. She was only doing good to the world, at least this was what she deemed. Nevertheless, there she was in the sexiest of her dresses and the brightest of her shine.

She nudges the young boy from his alcohol induced dreams, introducing herself as a social worker, she got him to converse. Rosa was a sparkle in his eye, confused whether the dream was the reality or the reality a dream, the boy agreed to walk along with her.

They reached a crossroad where she would either let him walk home or drag him along to the hotel. She proposes the death induced options to the young gun, confused as he already was, agrees to whatever sounds more dreamier in understanding. The prey falls into the trap, the hunt is on.

They walk shoulders till they reach the hunting ground, drunk as hell, the boy agrees to every move of Rosa. Being Rosa, she makes it all happen. The art of Muktab, Rosa was always good at defining it for others. They walk hand in hand towards the room, she can feel the commotion, the feeling of achievement that one gets before a grand triumph. The young gun receives a push on his chest as soon as they reach her bed in the gloomy room, muddled, he acts soulless.

Moments later he finds her half disrobed on him, unable to process the reality he pushes her breast-on to his left and iterates his soullessness but Rosa wasn’t one of those who would give up easily, she tries to retake the control, after all, it’s about her night’s prey. The boy remains adamant on his take; he was no ordinary boy, he was weather proof to Rosa’s magic, he was in love. He mutters about him being in love with this girl called Supriya, resisting Rosa’s efforts and kissing her hand, he passes out back to his dreams.

Rosa snags out the silver knife from the rubber strap on her back and smiles at it’s shine.

“So they still exist eh…Men”


#Note: Preview to NaNoWriMo 😉


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