Rape Song.

Attention: It’s a Random Friday evening post.

Hey Hey Hey Hypocrisy eh?

Can an author of women rights literature listen to a rape song? We will talk about it.

So who has not heard the “Robin Thicke’s special Blurred Lines” ? well, this is the same song, Hanna Montana transformed herself into a Slss…I rather not say it, I used to watch Hanna Montana when I was a kid ( Don’t judge meh). So Blurred lines, people say it’s a rape song; well, It is.

I know you want it!! (if this is not good enough, checkout the unrated version)

Read: Why it’s a rape song? (I agree with the opinions expressed here)

Now my actual ‘opinion opinion’ about the song: I think it’s a freak’n brilliant song.  Starting with Emily Ratajkowski’s cute expressions; they’re magical. And that “Meow” ah, I feel so lucky.

Now, let’s talk about the “lyrics”, from a literature context (and trust me when I say this), it’s not easy to ‘talk’ or ‘sing’ about something as complicated as rape and this song takes it all together to a different level (negative though). The lyrics doesn’t really talk about rape, doesn’t really talk about the assault or the forcible desire, it just talks about “hating some blurred lines” and “how someone is feeling”. In fact, I can totally, look at it from a different context; It could simply be a foreplay song (now you got excited eh) or (beat this), it could also be a love song.

I feel so lucky, you wanna hug me? What rhymes with hug me?

Love me perhaps?

The song also refers the female to be a good girl, it’s all about appreciation. Isn’t it?

Above all this, the song has a brilliant tune to it, perfectly zappy.

Lastly, Dude, this song or songs like these are no excuse for anyone to rape. They were never the motivation behind any of those crimes, it’s the human perspective, the way we look at it. I look at the above song as art and literature, some look at it shitty American song and some, look at it as a prominent reason for rapes.

May be I’m out of mah mind. What’s your perspective about it?

Perspective eh, I hate these blurred lines.

To read more about perspective on Women Sexual Rights: Discover


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