“I had a dream…” — It’s not Martin but Rolling, No Wait.

I had a stupid cream at 9am in the morning, I walked into a airplane, Business Case. They made me shit in this cool Sofia area and guess who I found ready pass all out on the couch.

I guess I need to rephrase that…My grade six grammar teacher would assassinate me for that statement above. Ex- Girlfriend, who apparently is brilliantly talented, would do the same. I guess I really need to rephrase that.

I had a stupid dream at 9am in the morning, I walked into an airplane, business class. They made me sit in this cool sofa area and guess who I find already passed out on the couch?

Someone just distracted me in the office with regards to a stupid query but any ways, this dream ya,

I think it was an Atlantis Airlines airplane with a golden color boarding pass. Little blonde girls (blonde by hair not by Eve-ness) were welcoming us and offering us welcome drinks. I had my own bottle of Jacki, the daniels. Soon, the blondes realized I wasn’t sober, hell ya, I wasn’t. They led me into this amazing chamber decorated with red-golden lanterns, serene lights, exquisite furniture (probably from IKEA); there was nothing secretive about the chamber. I guess they were just being nice by offering me a nice couch to crash.  I felt like puking twice but the chamber was just too beautiful to be puked all over. Hence I resolved to just lying down and asking for some ice water. Ya, I know, I have this bad Asian habit of asking for Ice water, living in New York for 5 years does not change who I really am. Does it?

Where was I flying to again?

Ice water was good but the fact that two cute blonde girls were working really hard to serve me a glass of ice water made it brilliant. As the flight took off, I was felt better. I guess it was New York, the reason behind my ‘highness’; well, it always has been.

With time I guess I did sit up, flirt a little with the girls, compliment their hair in particular and well entertain myself in the washroom. Stop. I just went to pee. As I was walking out, I saw this old blonde lady passed out on the other couch. I got curious, is she just sleeping or are we sailing in the same boat, that’s a funny, we’re anyways flying in the same plane. hehe.

Why was I pulling such Pjs again?

So, I got hold of the girls *literally* and sensually asked them, Who the lady was? She said, “Roooling”. I told her, I know she was rolling on the couch but who was she?
She again said, “Rooling”.

She didn’t say what I think she said.

“Do you mean Rowling? like Harry Porter type Rowling?” She said, “This is the Harry Porter Rowling”


“You serious blonde?”

She walked away. Of course she did, I was still Rowling.

Dreams are not innovative anymore.

Really? Rowling no wait, Mrs. Rowling was drunk? Passed out? Interesting. I guess I’m not the only one that writes under the influence of alcohol.

So close to 50 years after Mr. Martin Luther King said, “I had a dream”. I too had a dream. It’s wasn’t Martin but Rolling, No wait, Rowling.

My name is Julian Dalbert, well, I had a stupid dream at 9am in the morning, I walked into an airplane, business class. They made me sit in this cool sofa area and guess who I find already passed out on the couch?  J.K Rowling.




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