End of fucking whatever; Rosa & Julian.

I gazed straight into his eyes as he spoke,

“They say, ‘everything ends‘.

Never Ending Sea

Most likely that’s true; but I have always believed the sea to be a never ending phenomenon and that has always given me hope to last things a little longer. Whether it be the curry smelling beach of Juhu or the phony enticing beach of California, they render this similar feeling of supreme belief that things can last forever.

They also say, ‘Love lasts forever‘.

if you believe in the same, I wish you fortitude in life, you need it. Fortitude, the ‘Courage’ in pain or adversity; that’s what’s coming soon.

Some say, ‘Friendships last forever‘.

Now that’s a crucial area of crystal contemplation. Sometimes I wonder why I made a friend a friend? you know, why do I relate to him? When did I even define…’Oh that guy, he’s going to be my best pal’. How does it really work?

*That last shot of Baileys was strong, agrh, should have added more rocks*

Either ways, yes, how does it work? Hmm…I think, and I’m just thinking. Friendship is one of those ‘alpha human’ skills of survival. Certain animals move in groups because it keeps them safer, it’s easier to ‘hunt’, it’s easier to live. Similarly, humans move in groups because it’s easier to do things when we’re together. No, there’s nothing wrong in that. It’s just that, even something as pure as friendship needs a common area of ‘benefit’ or a common area of ‘interest’ and the whole point of selfless sacrifice is sorta lost between the pages of Ruskin Bond books.

So Rosa, what is friendship to you? what is an end to you?

I was still looking straight into his eyes but this time with a feeling of condolence

“Now why do people drink so much? Son of fucking Julian! I don’t give a fuck about your ‘end of fucking whatever’ shut the fuck up or this will be your END”

I exclaimed, as I hid my shiny silver blade back where it belonged.


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